Our new DK steppers are available for a large variety of ultrasound probes.

Each stepper is mounted to one of our articulating arms and includes all movements you need for the respective procedure. The stepper can be fine-tuned to make it fit perfectly to the ultrasound probe used. Different tactile feedback positions can be chosen.

The precision stepper enables the user to advance, retract and rotate an endo-rectal ultrasound probe in the rectum for prostate imaging.


Transperineal Stepper

The transperineal Stepper can be used for many procedures such as Prostate Mapping (template based biopsy), Cryotherapy, Gold-marker positioning and other needle-based approaches. In combination with our Tracking-Unit it can be used for computer assisted procedures like Brachytherapy or MRI-Fusion biopsies.

Our Stepper is compatible with Varian VariSeedâ„¢ and BEBIG HDR as well as PSID.

Transrectal Stepper

DK Technologies developed a novel stepper to perform transrectal targeted MRI-US fusion biopsies next to standard transperineal biopsies. This stepper enables the urologist to easily access the needle guide used and thus hit the respective target.