JetSpeed 5 – LDR-Brachytherapy

As the demands on physicians and physicists rise, a user oriented program must work intuitively to counter the demand on time and effort required to operate the system. JetSpeed 5 simplifies the prostate LDR-brachytherapy planning, treatment and CT / MR / ultrasound post planning processes. Over 10 years of experience in LDR-brachytherapy have formed JetSpeed 5 into an easy to use and versatile dynamic dosimetry treatment planning and control program. DK Technologies is the world’s only company that offers and produces both the required tracking stepper and stabilizer hardware as well as leading edge software. JetSpeed 5 is the program users rely on for safe, effective, and efficient interactive prostate brachytherapy treatment.


  • True interactive real-time dosimetry including a real-time update of the DVH and dose data as the treatment process proceeds
  • Display of user defined dosimetry data including range warnings in real-time
  • Interactive real-time treatment planning including longitudinal and transverse ultrasound scans
  • Automatic or manual interactive treatment course planning also considering previously implanted seeds
  • Re-slice of longitudinal image series to create a needles eye view for planning and treatment (JetSpin)
  • Seed detection in DICOM CT-images in post planning
  • TRUS color flow images can be used to remove the danger of placing seeds into larger vessels
  • Contours can be drawn, interpolated, and corrected in live video image mode
  • Smart zoom around the image pointer and image pan always accessible via the mouse wheel
  • User selectable multiple interactive orthogonal 2D views including seed placement or removal
  • Full plan analysis: Point dose, dose volume histogram, differential dose volume histogram, etc.
  • Optimized cutting plan for strands
  • Integrated patient data base with export and import function
  • Intuitive user interface with user selected reports
  • Enables the use of measured anisotropy data for line or point source calculations (TG-43)